Digital Services Overview

Digital Expertise in the Real Estate Industry

21 Years of Experience

Planning, Design, Development & Marketing

What we do

Luxury Homes Digital offers over 21 years of digital expertise in the real estate industry for developers and realtors looking for a competitive edge.

Branding, Design and Websites


  • New and Redesign
  • Purpose-driven Design and Identity Development


  • Traditional Media Design
  • Landing Page and Website Design
  • Email Marketing Design

Website Development

  • CMS Website, Landing Page and Enterprise website development
  • Email marketing development


Lead Generation Search Ads

  • Google Search
  • Re-targeting Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Dynamic Ads

Social Media Ads

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and
    LinkedIn Ads
  • Contextual Targeting

+ More

  • Programmatic Display
  • Geo-Fencing

Other Digital Services


  • Email Hosting VPS Hosting
  • Domain Registration & Management

Social Media POSTING

  • Content Creation, Scheduling and
  • Post optimization
  • Engagement and Influencer Marketing
  •  Online Reputation Management

CRM Support

  • Spark
  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot

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